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We feel for Jenny's struggles with her hapless taxi driver husband Pete (John Thomson), but we laugh at them too. He and Elton John competed to be the most extravagant: ‘Elton had that problem where people were staying at his home at the weekends, in his spare rooms, and they’d look under the bed and there would be Rembrandts.
Police were alerted to his contact with one teenager over Skype during March and April last year and raided his home in Halesowen, West Midlands. But who says there are not more than one that suit you? These dances have become so entrenched in popular culture that they are performed in playgrounds across the country.

And the stilted script, which might have been written by a committee of chartered surveyors for all the life it has, contains no hint of Freddie’s devilish wit. It’s not surprising that Freddie’s interviews were one of the major sources of friction in the band, nor that May and Taylor kept such a close grip on the movie script.

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Football is the most famous gameon the planet. Demand massive.

Millions of people follow matches of favorite teams. Attention rising planned.

Of course for this discipline can make a bet in a bookmaker's office. Quickly tell development of football.

Development of discipline

Football originated several centuries BC. Disciplines with a ball were popular among citizens of many states. They were applied in:
• Asian countries;
• Sparta;
• Ancient Rome.
Inhabitants of Italy improved sport. During the Middle Ages they created the game "Calcio". With the development of trade relations, it came to England. Love in discipline formed instantly. By Level of Interest "Calcio" beaten cricket.

First rules

Interest public appeared not by chance. Discipline impressed with its dynamism. Passion on the court occurred serious. Such a scenario allowed rules of football:
1. 2 squads.
2. 25 people each.
3. 15 offensive players.
4. Permission to fistfights.
English created their norms. At first game wasn't standardized. In some places allowed to throw ball with hands, in others it was forbidden.
The Starting attempt to unification was made in 1846. Conditions wanted momentary response. Representatives from different colleges entered the field on the field as part of the tournament. Each athlete acted in accordance with known to himrules. Outcome did not inspire positive development of events.
However, athletes were create a common regulations.
Starting standardization turned out positive. Attention public increased. As a result in Great Britain formed the first specialized club. Team renamed "Sheffield". It happened in 1857.
In 1863 formed The Football Association of England. Organization quickly created a standard set of rules of football.

Phased improvement

Gradually discipline developed. Created requirements for the field. Approved dimensions of the gate.
Significant time became 1871. At that time originated the FA Cup. Championship - oldest in the world.
1891 - year appearances in football penalty. However, from modern specified strike is. Now take penalties from point. Earlier penetration was done from the line.
Discipline improved. Interest grew. As a result in the 1880s, the number of teams exceeded 100 pieces. In society began to arise rumors. Some players felt that a number of rosters pay members incentives. In those days sports could be exclusively amateur.
According to the results rules changed. They introduced a clause prohibiting players have a salary.
Started sequence denunciations. Teams accused each other. Some clubs left the championship. After time requirement postponed.

International development

Growth of trade accelerated penetration of discipline to other countries. As a result sport started regulated at the supranational level. FIFA appeared in 1904. At first association consisted of 7 countries.
Standard norms clothing did not exist. Football Players required to wear:
• headdress;
• boots;
• elongated stockings;
• pants.

Normal entered later. For the first time footballers played without license plates. They appeared only in 1939.
First international tournament took place in 1900. Discipline included to the Olympiad. Participated only England, France, Belgium.
The heyday of the sport occurred in the middle of the last century. On the planet started playing Pele, Yashin and other players.
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